OrgPro Points/Organization Management Software

OrgPro is our sanctioning organization management product. OrgPro was designed to automate the management of regional horse show sanctioning organizations.

OrgPro manages your organizations members, horses, points, medal qualifiers, and mailing lists. OrgPro produces membership and recording cards and also tracks payment dates for memberships and recordings.

OrgPro has the ability to import the USEF electronic results format. This allows you to accept results from any USEF rated show electronically, regardless of the horse show management software used to manage the horse show, and automate the processing of the results. The software also has the ability to create horse shows and record points manually. With this capability you can accept results from shows that can only provide printed results.

OrgPro also has extensive capabilities for publishing your show results, standings, membership, and recorded horses to your web site. For a small quarterly fee the RSMH Server option is available. With the RSMH (Results, Standings, Members, Horses) Server option your RSMH data is stored in a database on a web server and web pages are generated dynamically. This allows a much richer browsing experience and allows much more information to be presented. For example the entire show records of members and horses spanning multiple years is available. Click here for an example of a show record spanning multiple years. Notice that virtually anything you hover your mouse over becomes a link to further information!

There is also a no cost option to post the information to your web site using static web pages that are generated by OrgPro using templates. These templates allow OrgPro to generate web pages that match the design of your web site. You may incur a one time cost to customize the templates if you don't have a web master that can do this for you.

Many horse show sanctioning organizations all over the country are now using OrgPro to make what can be a very tough job much easier. People need good tools to do difficult work, we are happy that we are able to provide them.

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    Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
  • 1024x768 Screen Resolution
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