ShowPro - What's New!

ShowPro version 9.1.5...

This is a maintenance release. The USEF query was not auto checking non member boxes appropriately, this has been fixed. Corrections were made to the NSBA sanction fee calculations.

ShowPro version 9.1.4...

The USEF database query has been significantly improved, when you type in a horse or person number if that number is not found in your data the USEF database will be accessed and the horse or person will be added to your database. The information added will include address, phone numbers, and email address. When a horse is added from the USEF database the horses owner will also be added.

For Hunter Jumper circuit points you can now add the number of entrants to the table points. You also have the option to multiply the points by the number of entrants rather than adding the number of entrants.

ShowPro version 9.1.3...

The USEF Electronic Results format has changed for 2017, this release has the ability to export that format.

ShowPro version 9.1.2...

This is a maintenance release. There were a couple places in the software that the assumption was made that an entity is a horse owner. This assumption was no longer valid with the addition of the non owner/rider prize money recipient and it caused some glitchiness when an entity was added as a non owner/rider prize money recipient. This has been fixed. Also, when a non owner/rider prize money recipient is added the prize money box will now be checked automatically which is a nice addition.

ShowPro version 9.1.1...

This is primarily a maintenance release that fixes some thing that have cropped up since the release of 9.1, some formatting issues on the statement, things like that.

The one new thing in ShowPro is an addition to the Blanket/Day Fee, a non Hunter Jumper feature, that enables the blanket to be tied to and triggered by a miscellaneous show fee, similar to how the package fee works. This provides absolute control over the triggering of the blanket fees which is needed when you have multiple blanket fees with overlapping sets of classes associated.

The new Exhibitor's Terminal has the new statement format and a fix to the exhibitor's report that was fixed in ShowPro a while back. It also has support for the package fee and the updated blanket/day fee.

ShowPro version 9.1.0 new features...

The most fundamental change in non Hunter Jumper disciplines only is the elimination of Divisions and Class Template Sets. They have been replaced by a tokenized filter that enables the list of class templates to be narrowed to a desired set by typing fragments of the words in the class name. For example typing "wor cow" into the search box would yield a list of all Working Cow Horse classes. Typing "wor cow am" would narrow the list further giving you only the Amateur Working Cow Classes. This works very well, is in fact a significant improvement, and eliminates the very difficult to maintain Division/Class Template Set structure as organizations constantly change what classes are recognized.

There is an improved interface for managing Class Specs.

The ability to add a non owner/rider prize money recipient to the entry has been added.

A Trainer Summary report has been added that list just the number of stalls and the number of horses (Professional Edition only).

A "Package Fee" has been added that allows you to offer classes and optionally a stall for a set price (Professional/Standard Edition only).

AHA, APHA, ApHC class templates have been updated.

The ability to track vaccinations and a Vaccinations Report has been added.

The ability to edit the days on the schedule has been added.

The ability to have ride times has been added.

Class standings for all judges all sub shows can now be printed from the results tab of the classes screen.

Limited support for the Danish Scoring System has been added.

In High Point Setup with combined classes you are now shown the underlying classes and can control which high points they are assigned to.

In the Professional Edition in High Point Setup check boxes have been added "Must be eligible for high point" and "Must be eligible for circuit high point", there is a new verification flag "Ineligible for high point", people and horses are considered eligible by default unless this box is checked. This gives you the ability to optionally require eligibility for a high point. Those ineligible will not appear on high point reports.

Hunter Jumper CH and RS are now reflected on the statement with (CH) or (RS) next to the first placing of the section where appropriate.

The running balance down the right side of the statement has been eliminated, it caused more confusion than anything else and took up space that is needed to accommodate longer class names.

The class number and name is now printed also at the bottom of the announcers and gate sheets, this makes it easier to find a sheet by flipping through a stack on a clip board.

ShowPro version 9.0.3 new features...

Announcing ShowPro Rings!

ShowPro Rings is a small server app that runs on your host computer and minimizes to the system tray. It interfaces to some apps that we have created for use at the rings. There are announcers apps, judges apps, and paddock apps. There are versions of the judges apps that work with scores and there are apps specially designed for handling open cards. There are a total of 9 apps, all allow entries to be verified and results to be posted from the rings. There is a ShowPro Rings Slide Show here. The need for printed sheets will be reduced dramatically if not eliminated entirely! ShowPro Rings requires the Professional Edition.

Click here for more information on this game changing new feature

This is an important release that has new features and some miscellaneous fixes.

Related to Hunter Jumper

One change that affects USEF Hunter Jumper shows will require you to change a couple section codes. This applies to Junior Hunter 3'3" for which you should have the following sections:

Junior Hunter 3'3" (Combined)2420
Junior Hunter 3'3" Small 15/U2421
Junior Hunter 3'3" Large 15/U2422
Junior Hunter 3'3" Small 16-172423
Junior Hunter 3'3" Large 16-172424
Junior Hunter 3'3" Large (Combined)2425
Junior Hunter 3'3" Small (Combined)2426

Note that 2425 and 2426 are not actual USEF codes, ShowPro will change these to 2420 on export. ShowPro needs to differentiate these sections to make it's auto combine feature work properly. If you don't have these sections configured, or you don't have the 2425, 2426 codes set ShowPro will not auto combine the Junior Hunter 3'3" sections. In the previous release if you had multiple sections set to 2420 ShowPro would improperly combine the Junior Hunter 3'3" section. Now it will auto combine it properly if the correct codes exist or it will not auto combine it at all.

Also related to auto combine, you will now be able to delete a class of an auto combined section, previously if you accidentally added one too many classes you would have to uncombine the section to be able to delete the class which was a pain in the neck, now you can simply just push it back over. Also, when you add a U/S to the end of an auto combined under saddle class ShowPro will now propagate the U/S to the original classes as well, if you end up uncombining this make things much more clear.

The auto combine feature, when you use a USEF "Combined" section code, will automatically create the underlying combined classes. This enables USEF results to be exported with the correct codes on an individual place basis without any setup required by the user. This feature was introduced in the 9.0 release but this release adds some needed enhancements. The feature can be turned on/off in File > Preferences and defaults to on.

Related to Miniature Horse

For AMHA/AMHR a "Permanent Cert" check box has been added and a report has been added that will list all horses that do not have this box checked.

ShowPro version 9.0.2 new features...

A lot of refinements in this release and improved handling for various housekeeping functions.

A field will be widened in the trainer paid client database table to accommodate larger dollar amounts.

This will be the first update that users will be able to install directly through the software.

ShowPro version 9.0.1 new features...

ShowPro will now have the ability to check for updates, inform you if one is available, perform a backup, and launch the installer all from within the software. This may be the last time you'll have to go to the web site to update your software.

On the classes screen a "Locked" check box has been added, if it's checked a warning will appear when any add or scratch is attempted and you will have the opportunity to not perform the action.

In Tools > Network Status a Log has been added that shows the messages that have been transmitted and received.

ShowPro version 9.0 new features...

A Clone button has been added to the Start Screen that allows you to clone a show by just clicking the button.

When you clone a show, or save a show as a template, you can now control whether combined sections and classes remain combined or revert to the uncombined state, you have this capability now when you save a show as a template as well.

The way searching for people/horses is handled has been completely reworked and greatly improved, the "Building Search Table" function has been removed from the software.

The way people and horses are added to entries has been completely reworked and greatly improved. Creating entries should be as fast or faster than previously and is now completely intuitive. This same handling has been carried through the rest of the software where there is a need to pull up or create people or horses.

The People/Horses maintenance function has been reworked and greatly improved, People and Horses are now available on client computers. For the horses owners can now be manipulated and horses can be added to the database.

USEF Hunter Jumper Auto combining, if you add a class to a show using a USEF combined code, such as "Junior Hunter Combined 2400" for example, Show Pro will automatically create the combined structure and create the original classes for both age groups and sizes. This will completely automate your results processing. This completely automates what we used to call "pre-combining" and turns it into a zero effort process. A preference for this has been added that defaults to on, you can turn it off but is recommended you leave it on. You need to have sections configured with the USEF combined codes for this feature to work, for example for Junior Hunter you need the 2400, 2410, and 2411 sections.

The new Junior Hunter 3'3" section has been added as declaration possibilities for the USEF National and International Hunter Derbies.

The way sub shows, or split combined shows, are handled has been improved and much better support for same has been added.

Support for concurrent classes has been added.

Support for Events, or as they are known in the stock horse world Go Arounds, has been added. These allow a class to be an Event that has several component parts. In addition to these being used in the new Reined Cow Horse (NRCHA) Breed/Discipline they are also used in the Eventing discipline to provide real support there.

In High Point Setup you can now specify how points are determined, current options are Points Table, Number Placed Over + 1, or Money Won.

The Reining (NRHA) Breed/Discipline has been added

Support for Snaffle Bit (NSBA) has been added, these classes can be stand alone or run concurrently with other breed classes.

The Reined Cow Horse (NRCHA) Breed/Discipline has been added.

The classes box on the entry screen is now always visible except in the case of a show scratch or an entity, previously it would disappear for an owner if it had no classes and could be brought back with Make Owner a Rider. The Make Owner a Rider function is no longer needed and has been removed.

The drop down for rider status (DQ, etc.) has been changed to an edit box that you can type any 3 characters into.

The person first name field has been lengthened to 20 characters max.

The class name has been lengthened to 60 characters max.

The combined classes report has been expanded to show the original classes and the entrants in each.

For AQHA the class templates have been updated to the latest complete set with the 6 digit class codes.

You can now enter an unlimited number of placings, you can now have up to a 20 way tie.

In organization verification flags Membership Verified and Recording Verified significances have been added, this allows ShowPro to report membership issues better. For all your organizations you should switch the significance of any Card Verified, Registration Papers Verified, etc. accordingly to take advantage of this new capability.

The People Numbers Needed Report has been converted into a People Membership Issues Report.

The Horse Numbers Needed Report has been converted into a Horse Recording Issues Report.

Relationships are now tied to organizations rather than breed/disciplines, which is how it should have been to begin with. You now have the ability to edit the relationships for an organization and also to control whether an organization uses them. Relationships are still built-in to the extent that they have always been but now you have more control over them.

A check box has been added to allow you to specify that for miscellaneous class fees they be deleted from the account when/if the condition that caused them to be added no longer exists because of scratches.

The ability to add a results disclaimer to the results report has been added. Each organization can potentially have its own message.

A test has been added to verify the integrity of backups that are made.

A MOS Scoring function has been added to the software that is virtually identical to our stand alone MOS software. The stand alone MOS Software has also been updated.

The included USEF Hunter Jumper sections have been updated.

You can now off load the mapping of local organization section codes onto the local organization, when they complete the mappings they are imported automatically. The OrgPro side of this will be in the next OrgPro release.

The ability to set up custom cumulative/aggregate scoring functions has been added. Scores from multiple judges can be aggregated into a single set of results. There is a tool for entering the judge scores that aggregates them into a single set of results using the custom settings.

Support for Paybacks has been added with built-in tables for NRHA, NSBA, NRCHA, and the ability to create custom tables.

The User's Guide has been updated to reflect the new additions.

ShowPro version 8.7 new features...

Support for processing credit cards directly from within the software has been added.

Here are some of the features that have been added related to credit card processing...

  • An integrated credit card terminal, no need for expensive hardware.
  • Support for multiple merchant account configurations.
  • Support for wedge type card swipers.
  • Payments are posted to accounts automatically, the same as with a check.
  • The ability to accept credit card deposits from

We have switched out the networking components that we use in the software. This affects virtually everything that has to do with communication between ShowPro/ET computers, the internet -, email, and file transfer. ShowPro will now know what kind of connection it has to the network, and, in the case of a client computer, what kind of connection the host has to the network. Tools > Network Status is now available on the client computer and will display this information. Although you won't notice much difference with this change it will offer us many opportunities to improve the software in the future.

A new Version 8.7 Exhibitors Terminal has been posted, you will need to use this to be compatible with the Version 8.7 ShowPro.

ShowPro version 8.6 new features...

Huge Licensing Changes:
The biggest news here is that ShowPro is now available on a per show day basis. Annual subscriptions are still available and unchanged and will still be the right approach for most but some will find that the per show day licensing is the way to go. You can now do a one day horse show with ShowPro for as little as $20!

More big news, ALL Breeds/Disciplines are now included in the product. You will be able to activate and deactivate any of the offered Breeds/Disciplines at will.

All licensing of all products is now handled through an account that you create at You purchase what you want whether it's ShowPro, OrgPro, or, and it's added to your account. You're then able to register the product through the License Manager in the software. There are no more serial numbers and codes, you are able to handle the entire process yourself immediately.

A new "Clipboards" tool has been added that displays classes by ring and day along with the ordering status. All the tools for class ordering are centralized in this location and there are buttons to print the class sheets or the judges cards for an entire day, all rings, with a single button click. This is available in the Professional and Standard editions but not the Lite edition.

You can now change the order that class order groups go in, i.e. you are no longer stuck with S M L H, you can arrange these in any order you like by dragging and dropping the colored group indicators.

Post entries for randomly ordered grouped (S M L H, 1 2) classes now will be inserted at the begining of their grouping.

Post entries are now indicated with a silver background where orders of go are displayed.

The class entrants on are now displayed according to order of go with an indication of how the class was ordered, i.e. Random, Random Spaced, etc. The same color coding for S M L H 1 2 groupings is also employed as is the silver color for post entries.

Handling has been added for the USEF Performance hunter rule that U/S classes get 1/2 points if there are only 2 O/F classes. The Exhibitors Terminal was also updated with this change.

USEF made some changes to the USEF database query on 7/17, this release supports them.

A check box has been added to the Show Screen to enable numerical sorting of the class list.

A check box has been added to the Schedule to enable the unscheduled classes to be displayed in a numerical uncategorized list.

You can now add/remove Breeds/Disciplines from your show after the show has been created. You can always add them, you can remove them providing no classes have been added for that Breed/Discipline.

If and entry is marked as "Credentials Needed" the exhibitor will be notified and instructed to see the secretary when they access their entry on the Exhibitors Terminal.

The real time query for local organizations using OrgPro is now available in all editions of the software, this was previously only available in the Professional Edition. This is activated by clicking on the organization number label for the horse or persons on the entry screen. The ability to similarly query the USEF and EC databases will remain a feature in the Professional Edition only.

High Points By Class and High Points By Division reports have been added, these are very useful for AQHA and probably other shows. No setup is required for them at all.

The paddock sheets have been changed to print an order number and a line to write on instead of the two little boxes. A preference has been added to print the two little boxes in case anyone prefers them.

A preference to use American Stock Horse Association rules has been added. This affects the way placings and high points are handled.

Foundation Quarter Horses (FQHR) have been added to the Quarter Horse Breed/Discipline.

ShowPro version 8.5.1 new features...

A function to merge Trainers has been added to Data > Trainers. If you have any trainers configured as for example "No, Trainer", "Self, Self", or any other such non real person "trainers" please use the Merge Trainer function to merge them to the built-in "No Trainer" item. Entries that do not have a trainer should be set to the built-in "No Barn Account/Trainer" item which is always the first item in the trainers list.

Fence heights for Hunter classes are now exported in USEF electronic results. In order for fence heights to be included as USEF now requires you must include the fence height in the class name of every Hunter class as ShowPro parses the height out of the class name the same as it has been doing for jumper classes right along.

If you do a USHJA National or International Hunter Derby a drop down box will now appear on the results page of the Classes Screen to allow you select the section that has been decalared for the Derby points to go to. This section will be reported in the electronic results as required by USEF.

On the Show Screen for Individual Hunter Jumper classes the name of the actual Individual Class used to create the class will now be displayed in the Section or Individual Class Name column rather than a generic "Individual Hunter Class" designation. An indicator has been added that will display whether the currently selected item is part of a section or an individual class.

The upload authorization code will remain editable after uploading your show to allow you to change it if you've made a mistake. Previously it was greyed out to prevent a mistake from being made but it became clear that because of different databases/backups being in play there was no way ShowPro could manage this. It is now managed on the web server. Be careful to get the dates of your show correct before uploading to, if you upload initially with incorrect dates you'll need help from us to correct it.

If the end date of your show is set to before the start date of your show ShowPro will no longer let you leave the Show Screen until it is corrected. If the dates are set such that the show is more than 7 days a warning will be displayed.

ShowPro version 8.5 new features...

Online entry has been added through Exhibitors can create an account, add their people and horses and create entries for submission to participating shows. This is currently free to the exhibitor, in the future some kind of reasonable fee to the exhibitor will be involved.

Within ShowPro there are features to configure your own entry form for use with online entry - ShowPro will print the information submitted by the exhibitor on your form. There is also a form included that is pre-configured that you can use and the original Word document of the form so that you can alter it.

There are functions to manage the import of the entries from the site and communication with the exhibitor. You have options to accept an entry, in which case it is imported into ShowPro, set it to a pending state, in which case it is communicated to the exhibitor that you have received it but are perhaps waiting for a deposit before accepting it, or to reject it, in which case this is communicated to the exhibitor as well.

The exhibitor can also make stabling requests and has an option to include a note with the entry to provide clarification or to ask a question.

An option has been added to File > Preference to use USDA Paddock Sheets, this is needed at certain kinds of shows.

ShowPro version 8.4.9 new features...

The ability to properly do Welsh Pony/Cob shows using a combination of the Hunter Jumper and Open Show discipline has been added. Hunter Jumper is used for the performance classes with the USEF organization, Open Show is used for the Halter classes with the WPCSA organization. This gives you the support for Hunter Jumper championships that you need for the performance classes and it gives you the multiple judge support that you need in the halter classes. All classes must have a WPCSA prefix. ShowPro sorts this all out and exports proper USEF and WPCSA results. A Welsh Entries report has been added, there was already a Junior Birth Dates report, all reports required for WPCSA are now available as are electronic results for USEF and WPCSA.

The non member check boxes added to the entry screen in 8.4.8 will now automatically manipulate the associated fee for USEF Non Member and USHJA Non Member. When the box is checked, if the above fees exists, their quantity will be incremented. If the check is removed the quantity will be decremented.

A Required Classes feature has been added that allows you to associate classes with other classes as required classes. Any required classes must be entered in order to enter the class with the associated required classes or a warning will appear.

The Trainers Schedule report has been reformatted to display the times in the first column instead of the end of the class name, this makes the report easier to read. If the Schedule is set to "No Times" the times will be omitted from the report as before but the classes will then be sorted in class number order.

The Verify Results function has been improved in that classes whose entries have not been properly verified will now be flagged.

The AMHR/ASPC Results report now includes the non placing entrants.

Tools > Web Results has been moved to Tools > Export > Web Results.

The Chronicle now prefers that you send them the same results file that you send to USEF. Accordingly, we have removed their previous export from the software. For the time being the option is still on the menu but it will simply remind you to send them the USEF results file.

ShowPro version 8.4.8 new features...

In File > Preferences a "Use passive FTP" check box has been added. This was added to make Verizon 4G internet service work with ShowPro but it may be helpful with other internet services as well. If emailing results from ShowPro and uploading to has been working reliably you can leave this box unchecked.

ShowPro version 8.4.7 new features...

Non Member check boxes have been added to the person area of the Entries Screen. You can check these box(es) to indicate the specific person(s) on the entry that are non members. There is a new Non Members Report under Organization Reports on the menu that lists the names and addresses of the non members. For USEF Hunter Jumper shows USHJA non members are also handled. Previously fee counts were used to determine non members, the problem with that is that the non members were not explicitly identified. The new report can be printed to a PDF and submitted as part of your post comp report.

For the Trainers Schedule you can now select the days that you want printed, this allows you to not print days that have already happened for example.

On the Show Screen ShowPro will now warn you if you accidentally reuse a class number. In fact it won't let you do it. This is limited to class numbers that are integers, class numbers that have letters or .n suffixes are not checked.

ShowPro version 8.4.6 new features...

A print button has been added to the tack stall splits dialog (Advanced Edition) that prints the Stalls Report for the selected barn account/trainer.

The entry cloning feature has been improved to also clone Class Fees. Class fees are available in the Advanced Edition.

ShowPro version 8.4.5 new features...

The trick of using the / key on the numeric keypad when verifying/entering results has been significantly improved. Now when the / is pressed that would put the focus back in the classes list, instead a box appears that allows you enter the next class number, and that class is selected in the list, and verify entries is automatically activated for that class.

This improvement was suggested by Scott Brown, an avid keystroke hater. Thanks Scott!

In case you're not aware of it the / key trick allows you to verify and enter results while never having to touch the mouse, unless you have a rode not entered that has to be dealt with. Any time you would reach for the mouse just press the / key and you are automatically advanced to the next step.

ShowPro version 8.4 new features...

For breed shows where multiple breeds are involved, for each breed you can now associate an organization and a hot key. On the File menu there is now a "For Horses Track Breed Organization" menu item. When this item is checked when you arrive on an entry if a registration number exists for the horse for the organization associated with the breed of the horse, the number for that organization will be displayed for the horse. When creating a new entry you can use Ctrl/Alt/hot key to switch the organization so that you can easily enter the breed registration number for the appropriate organization. The hot key switches the organization for the horse and also selects the associated breed. For those doing multiple breed shows this is a monumental improvement.

For the Advanced Edition there is now a "Credentials Needed" check box on the Account page. If this box is checked any attempt to check this entry out will cause a warning to be displayed.

The FREE Exhibitors Terminal available at the web site has been upgraded. It now has the ability to print the Day All Rings Schedule report and the Hunter Jumper Championship Sheets. The free ET allows exhibitors to answer their own questions about their account, results, championships, and the show schedule. The ET adds another dimension to your horse show in a similar fashion to And it's FREE! You just have to find a computer to put it on. USEF rules require that you make Hunter Jumper championship results available, here's a way to make it happen automatically!

A feature has been added to the ET to allow limited, tightly controlled access to the USEF web site through the ET. You have to enable this feature by checking a box at startup and of course the PC must have internet access.

The backup function has been improved, it now uses a simple file save dialog that allows you to set a default location. This enables you to quickly and easily save your backups anywhere you want.

You can now send the Chronicle export directly from ShowPro using the Email Tool.

For AHA electronic results Dressage scores are now output as percentages. As is the case with USEF and USDF scores should be entered in ShowPro as RAW SCORES. USEF and USDF require the raw scores AND the percentages, ShowPro calculates the percentages from the raw scores using the max points possible as specified by USDF.

ShowPro version 8.3 new features...

New Features, All Editions...

Support for non standard display DPI settings has been added. Previously ShowPro required the standard 96 DPI setting, this is no longer so. Also, if you have sufficient screen resolution you will have 1 or 2 more choices for screen size.

For the add back prize money templates the starting pot and per entry amounts can now be decimal amounts.

For speed classes an option has been added to pay prize money based on time rather than placing.

On the Prize Checks tab of the Entry Screen if there is more than one payee you can now select one payee at a time or you can select all payees. This allows you to focus in on or print check(s) for a particular payee.

For the high points the length of the high point name has been increased from 30 to 50 characters.

Palomino and Buckskin breeds are now available.

A preference to print owner and rider addresses on the results report has been added.

For breed/disciplines other than Hunter Jumper the class code is now printed on the results rather than the prize money.

ShowPro version 8.2 new features...

All Editions...

The concept of a barn account has been added which builds on the existing trainer account. Trainers and individual entries can be assigned to a barn account. Feed and bedding and tack stalls can then be split across the entries assigned to the barn account. The trainer account that you are familiar with can now be connected to a single trainer as in the past (this happens by default) or several trainers and/or individual entries can share an account.

A "Recipients" button has been added to the Account tab of the Entries Screen that enables you to control how and to whom prize money is paid on an individual class entered basis. The existing recipient, deduction, and override settings still apply as the defaults but the Recipients feature allows you to deduct some, issue checks for others, and/or control who the payee is.

The entry search box now has the trainers in a list box with a search edit the same as the horses and people.

A search edit has been added to the select trainer function, typing the first few characters of the last name will take you immediately to the trainer.

The / key on the numeric keypad has been programmed to make verifying entries and entering results much easier by allowing you to avoid the mouse. The / key will cycle you through the process, depending where the current keyboard focus is it will do the appropriate thing. If the focus is in the class list it will activate the verify entries function. If the focus is in the verify entries function the / key will finalize the verify entries function and place the cursor in the first place position. If the focus is in the placings table the / key will advance to the next judge if there is one or move the focus back to the classes list so you can select your next class using the page up/down/arrow keys. This makes entering results much faster and easier.

When you enter people in classes from the classes screen because they rode not entered, and there are more than one person on the entry that could be the rider, a new box will be displayed that shows the classes each person is currently entered in, their member type, and their age. This information allows you to make a much better determination of who the correct rider should be than was previously possible.

For the Balances report you can now select All, Non Zero, Debit, or Credit.

If a class has a score or times clicking in the "Score" or "Time" heading in the entrants table on the classes screen will cause the entrants to be sorted - descending for scores, ascending for times.

A Shetland Pony Breed/Discipline is now available. This is a USEF affiliate and also ties in with the Miniature Horse Breed/Discipline, i.e. ASPC/AMHR.

For the People/Horse Organization Numbers Needed report people/horses that are not entered in any classes will now be listed with "(No Classes)" after their name, previously they were not listed.

You can now activate the "Right Click Here For Menu" menu on the Entries Screen by pressing Alt/M on the keyboard.

The backup dialog box has been improved. You now have the option to set the default backup location but you don't have to wait for the directory tree to populate unless you want to change the backup location.

The email function has been improved. It now bypasses your internet service providers email server entirely, transmits the message and any attachment to our server via FTP, and the message is sent from there. More and more ISPs are refusing to relay mail because of SPAM concerns, the ability to email from ShowPro was hit and miss as a result, this change should allow anyone to send email from ShowPro. A progress bar has been added that shows the progress of any attachment being uploaded.

The Show Program report can now be printed from the schedule and the number of placings can be specified as 6, 8, 10, or 12.

If an entry associated with a bill to attempts to check out the associated bill to will now be activated automatically in check out.

A preference has been added to give you the option of assigning a number to a barn/trainer account.

A preference has been added to allow you to set a default payment type.

On the Check Register screen a drop down box has been added to select the account, previously the account could only be selected in Data > Checking Accounts assuming you had more than one account.

When you save a show as a template it will now by default go to a sub folder in My ShowPro Files > Show Templates that has the same same as the currently selected database. This should help prevent a template being used to create a show in one database from a template that was created in another.

New Features, Advanced Edition...

A reserved stalls feature has been added. This enables you to assign stalls to barn/trainer accounts before you even have any entries in your show. You then have the option to have ShowPro manage the stalls for you. If this option is enabled as you add entries to your show a stall will be moved from the barn/trainer account to the entry. Anywhere stalls can be manipulated the stalls on the account are taken into account, the idea is that whatever stalls are reserved on an account end up either on an entry's account or they remain on the barn/trainer account.

A stabling report has been added that lists the reserved stalls for each barn account/trainer and the location of the stalls.

ShowPro version 8.1 new features...

USEF has released a new electronic results format and new USEF section codes, this release has support for the new USEF requirements.

A lot of the work done in this release involves how breed discipline class templates are handled in the system. They are now related to organizations rather than tied directly to the discipline which makes the system much more flexible, especially where local organizations are concerned. You can now create your own show types, divisions, and class template sets. This does not directly affect the Hunter Jumper discipline.

This ShowPro supports the formats for data exchange with the new Version 7 release of OrgPro and also the old OrgPro format. If you submit results to OrgPro you should check with your organization to determine whether they have been changed over to the Version 7 release of OrgPro yet and which format you should submit results in. This ShowPro will auto detect and import data from either version of OrgPro.

USEF Hunter Jumper organization configurations which have been previously available on request are now integrated into the system. When you create a new database if the Hunter Jumper discipline is licensed you'll be asked if you want to load a pre-configured USEF organization for your zone. If you click Yes a box will appear allowing you to select your zone and a configuration consisting of all sections, individual classes, codes, member types, and verification flags specific to your zone will be loaded into the new database. If you click No nothing will happen and you are free to create your organization from scratch.

A tool to easily change the horse on an entry has been added, it's in the Tools menu or you can right click on the Org number label for the horse.

The Payments table and the Miscellaneous Fees table have been moved from the Account Tab on the Entries Screen to their own tab and the Account Tab has been redesigned. As features have been added to the software the Account Tab became unwieldy, the new design is much more straight forward.

The USEF real time query now automatically updates more flags and horse information.

The scoreboard format has been expanded, additional field possibilities have been added that are useful for FEI competitions.

For prize checks the horses name is now printed on the check stubs.

In the Advanced Edition a prize money withholding feature has been added that is useful for foreign riders or if you need to withhold up to 100% of the prize money for any reason.

A "My ShowPro Files" item has been added to the File menu that will open this folder to allow you to easily access your ShowPro related files.

The drop down on the 1099 screen to change the payees tax number type was not working correctly, this has been fixed.

Checks printed in batch mode were not being associated with an other payee, this has been fixed.

Other miscellaneous fixes have been made.

ShowPro version 8 new features...

Support for multiple breed/discipline horse shows has been added to the software.

The Start Screen has been completely reworked, you no longer have to exit the software to get back to the Start Screen.

The Users Guide for the software has been completely rewritten.

Support for configurable verification flags has been added.

More Additions...

  • Improved Entry Search
  • Improved Check Out
  • Improved Add/Scratch Tool
  • Improved Report Viewer
  • Breed/Discipline Specific Class Templates
  • Support For Other 1099 Payees
  • Support For Owner Relationships
  • Judges Cards
  • High Points
  • Increment Tables For High Points
  • Blanket Fees
  • AHA Electronic Results
  • PFHA Electronic Results

ShowPro version 7.5 new features...


Support for individual classes has been added such that you can create individual class types and ShowPro will remember them so that you can use them to create classes in the future. The division "Medal" has been eliminated from the software, any medal "sections" that you have configured will be converted to equitation class types the first time your data is accessed. A USEF section code can be associated with each class type. The Non Sanctioned Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation "sections" have been removed from the software. This is a substantial change in the structure of the software that brings us closer to modeling the real world, provides for better results reporting, and makes for a better user experience.

Trainer Accounts can now be accessed from the Tools menu and you can step through them one by one or jump to any specific trainer.

A Non Showing Horses tool has been added to the Tools menu, this helps you make sure that a non-showing or show scratch fee is charged appropriately if you so choose.

The ability to print a general check from the entries screen has been added. If the entry has a credit balance the check will automatically be set for that amount, you are free to enter any amount you wish however.

The ability to batch general checks to be printed later has been added. This allows you to add as many checks to the batch as you want and then process them later as one print job.

Some of the above mentioned features are available in the Advanced version only.

ShowPro version 7.4 new features...


ShowPro will now remember the last folder you backed up to and will select this folder by default the next time you perform a back up. This allows you to easily send your backups to a jump drive which is definitely a better place for them. Tip: If you use multiple databases you should create a folder named appropriately for each on your jump drive to store the backups for that database.

You can now flag people and horses as having joined or renewed their memberships to local organizations. This information is exported to OrgPro along with show results. This potentially saves the organization some data entry effort and is particularly helpful when the show secretary and the points secretary are the same person as is sometimes is the case.

An under saddle class can now be designated with US in addition to U/S. The US must be the last two characters in the class name and it must be preceded by a space.

The Balances Report will now report balances taking into consideration other shows that may be selected using the Other Balances feature and that a horse may not be entered in the currently selected show but is entered in one of the other shows selected for Other Balances..

The Professional Edition now optionally will print all the entrants of a medal class in the results. Previously this was an Advanced Edition only feature.

The Professional Edition will now export contact info, previously the Advanced Edition would export email addresses, this has been expanded to include phone numbers and added to the Professional Edition.

ShowPro version 7.3 new features...

Additions (All Editions):

The Class Results report is now available in the Report Viewer.

A preference has been added to NOT enforce the USEF rule that a Hunter section must have a minimum of 2 O/F and 1 U/S classes to have a championship.

The importing of data from OrgPro has been greatly improved. When the import is completed a window will appear that will tell you which people/horses were imported as new and which only gained a number for the imported organization. Particular care has been paid to avoiding duplicates in the data.

On the Show Screen using the Add/Edit Section button you can now change the division that a section is associated with. You can for example move a Hunter section to the Equitation Division.

You can now flag people and horses as having joined or renewed their memberships to local organizations. This information is exported to OrgPro along with show results. This potentially saves the organization some data entry effort and is particularly helpful when the show secretary and the points secretary are the same person as is sometimes is the case.

Additions (Advanced Edition):

The USEF database query now flags invalid horse names, possible incorrect owners, and possible incorrect person names. The USEF has fixed a problem on their end that caused horse heights not to be reported.

You can now select between the Advanced mailing list management capability and the print from shows mailing list capability that is available in the Professional Edition in case you just want to generate a list from (a) particular show(s).

ShowPro version 7.2 new features...

Additions (All Editions):

The entry search tool now activates by default with just the entry number and trainer search. The search tool comes up much faster in this mode if you are not searching for horses or people. Another button has been added that brings up the full search tool.

A preference has been added to include rider ages on the results report print out.

A new folder selection dialog box has replaced the dialog used to specify where back ups and other files should be stored. There is also a new dialog box for networking.

ShowPro will create a folder on your Desk Top named ShowPro Folders that will contain shortcuts to your backups folder, exported results, etc. This makes it much easier to find your backups/exports and drag and drop files to attach them to emails and so forth.

In the Trainer Account the trainer statement now includes any client balances that you have checked prior to recording the payment.

Check Details when used as a lookup (not from the deposits tool) now will include checks from multiple shows. This takes it back to the way it worked before the addition of the Deposits tool.

If you hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys you can switch between shows using the up and down arrow keys. If you also hold down the Alt key you will be taken to the entry of the same horse if one exists, if not no change of show will occur.

A network status tool has been added that on the host shows you the status of your connected clients.

Additions (Advanced Edition):

A Multi Payment feature has been added. This allows you to split a single payment across any number of entries or trainer accounts.

Class sponsors can now be configured that will appear on announcer's sheets and a Class Sponsors report has been added.

Check Details are now printed landscape.

ShowPro version 7.1 new features...

Additions (All Editions):

You can now manually add letters to class numbers in addition to them being added automatically when you do a split. The following are now valid class numbers... 3a, 3A, 3.1

A Miscellaneous Debits report has been added.

A Miscellaneous Credits report has been added.

A Combo Class Sheet report has been added. This report contains an entire section on one sheet of paper and is an announcers/starters list with a results table for calculating championships.

Additions (Professional and Advanced Editions):

Shows can now belong to more than one circuit for circuit points.

ShowPro version 7 new features...

Additions (All Editions):

Fee quantities can now be entered as decimal numbers.

The Entry Search tool has been vastly improved.

An Affidavit missing number reason check box has been added to the horse numbers pop up.

When sections are created using Add/Edit Sections on the Show Screen they are now created retroactively in all shows.

You can now change the order that sections are listed.

You can now e-mail backups, USEF results (except in standard edition), and OrgPro results directly from ShowPro.

On the Show Screen there are now tabs for Sections and Classes. Instead of pushing over a "Non sanctioned" class you now create classes, which ShowPro remembers for you, and push them over into the class list. This is a very nice feature that is a time saver and also promotes consistency.

On the Show Screen you can now insert classes at the highlighted position or append them to the end of the list. The "Maintain Sequential Numbering" check box has been replaced with a "Smart Numbering Enabled" check box. Smart numbering renumbers only to the next break in sequential numbers.

Payments can now be tagged with the persons initials that received them. There is log in on the File menu and a preference in File/Preferences to make the log in automatically appear at start up.

In Section Standings you can now specify which sections you want a championship for by checking them in a list, the ones you do not check are removed from the list. This replaces the Exclude this section check box.

In Data/People any horses owned are now listed and you can go to a horses information by clicking a button. In Data/Horses the owners are listed and you can go to their information by clicking a button also. For one thing this makes it very easy to find duplicate horses, if there are same named horses in the list the box turns red.

The maximum length of organization numbers has been increased from 10 to 20 characters. This is to accommodate some FEI numbers that could potentially exceed 10 characters.

The way backups are named has been changed to make them sort in a more logical way in Windows Explorer, files open dialogs, etc.

In Print General Checks when you type in the first few characters of the payees name matching data from the history list is used to populate the check.

Additions (Professional Edition and Above):

The 2007 USEF Specification for Electronic Results has been fully implemented.

In Circuit Standings you can now specify which sections you want a championship for by checking them in a list, the ones you do not check are removed from the list. This replaces the Exclude this section check box.

Additions (Advanced Edition):

A tool for managing bank deposits has been added that allows you to track which payments were received by who and what their totals should be for a selectable period of time, usually a day. This same tool is used to create an overall deposit slip and the information can be printed or exported to Excel.

Splits are now broken down on the entry screen on a Splits tab rather than them being put in a miscellaneous debit. There is a preference in File->Preferences that allows you specify that splits be itemized or summarized on the statement.

Multiple stall types are now supported. You can create an unlimited number of stall types and set the type on each entry or trainer account. Each stall type is broken out separately on the financial reports.

Support for team competitions has been added. You can break classes into teams and export the information to Excel. In placings what would otherwise be considered ties are handled appropriately for the team competition.

ShowPro Version 6.6 new features...

Additions (All Editions):

You can now do a four way split.

You can now split by age.

An "H" has been added to the horse sizes.

You can now split individual classes.

You can now create a multi-phase class which is like splitting an individual class except that everyone is entered in all splits.

You can now create a chart of accounts and assign QuickBooks classes to your shows. The ability to export the check register to IIF (QuickBooks) has been added. You can also export the check register to Excel, CSV, and QIF format. Much more flexibility has been added to the check register export capability and some other general improvements have been made.

A Entry Verification Reports has been added. If you charge fees for Rode Did Not Enter this report can be stapled to the back of your judges cards after verifying entries.

Additions (Advanced Edition):

Very advanced new mailing list management capability has been added. You can import addresses from multiple databases and/or from external files. ShowPro now knows when people were last active as owners, riders, and/or trainers, you can filter the list on this criteria. When you create a list it goes into a spread sheet where you can make further refinements before printing or exporting.

In the tack stall splitter tool you can now add anyone into any split. This same capability has also been added to the trainer fee splits tool.

An automatic backup scheduler has been added. You can set backups to occur automatically at 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute intervals.

You can now do a remote back up of the hosts data from a networked client computer. You are given a choice to restore the data to your clients local database or the backup file will be stored to your Show Backups folder.

On the statement jumper nomination and hunter equitation fees have been moved from class fees to show fees. Even though these are triggered by entry into a class and internally they are class fees, from the exhibitors perspective they are show fees and this change simplifies and cleans up the statement quite a bit.

ShowPro version 6.5 new features...

There are new much improved tools for stall and trainer fee splitting in the Advanced Edition, you'll find them on the Tools menu.

On the schedule you can now configure multiple time sets and assign names to them. This enables different classes to be treated differently which is helpful for different jumper tables and also when several cards are open.

The Starters/Announcers Order of Go print function is now the Starters/Announcers/Exhibitors Order of Go print function. The Exhibitors Order of Go report has been added into class sheets printing function.

In the Starters/Announcers/Exhibitors Order of Go the PRINTED classes are no longer grouped at the bottom of the list, they retain their normal positions.

You can now select a set of classes and generate order of go with the order of go options for the entire set. A "Do Orders" button has been added to the Starters/Announcers/Exhibitors dialog to accomplish this.

The Custom Order of Go has been improved. You can now drag and drop entries into position and a position indicator has been added. This makes it much easier to do custom orders for classes with 40+ entrants.

A function has been added to the Tools menu to count the number of show scratches.

A Jumper Results report has been added that has faults and times on it.

A Trainer Fees Summary report has been added. This report summarizes the fees section of all the trainers statements onto one report.

The statement message has been moved from the Tools menu to Data/Show.

An option has been added to Preferences (File/Preferences) to make the rider appear first on the Entries by Number report. Previously there was a back door way to do this, the preference has been added to make this widely available. Some announcers, one in particular, prefer it this way.

Features that were new in ShowPro Version 6.4...

The financial reports have been completely reworked, there is a new Statement and a new Financial Summary report.

There used to be a concept in ShowPro called "Close Financials", it is now gone. There is now an item on the Tools menu "Other Balances" that allows balances from other shows you select to be combined into the balance of the currently selected show. The statement will have a separate section for each show with a balance detailing the items from that show. "Other Balances" is far more flexible and powerful than "Close Financials" was.

The Payee Prize Money Summary report has been reworked. There is now a section at the top that reports issues such as unassigned prize money, missing tax ID numbers, and prize money assigned to non owners (not necessarily an issue). If you select no payees you can get this report by itself. The format of the payees section has been improved.

There is now a Trainer Schedule report that breaks down the trainers classes by ring and day

There are now Trainer Incentive Reports. These reports track the points that accrue to trainers clients. Some of the shows using ShowPro are giving away trips to Hawaii, motor bikes, etc. as prizes/incentives to the high point trainer for the show/series. These reports make these kinds of promotions easy to do.

There are now championship sheets that can be printed for Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation sections.

There is now a separate set of bonus jumper points that can be applied to the last jumper class in a section. If more points are awarded for the bonus class it eliminates most ties. Placing in the bonus class can be used to decide any remaining ties. There is a USEF rule currently proposed that allows Jumper sections to be handled this way. There is a special championship sheet that provides for this if bonus points are used.

On the File menu there is now a Preferences item that lets you set various options all in one place. The way these options are communicated from host to client when networking has been improved.

On the Tools menu there is now an "Export Chronicle Report" item. This allows you to send the results to the Chronicle electronically which is definitely how they prefer them now.

In Show Standings there is now a check box "Suppress this championship", this allows you to prevent a championship from being exported in USEF electronic results and in the Chronicle electronic results.

When on an entry pressing F6 now displays the statement for that entry in the Report Viewer.

The Exhibitors Report that has been available in the Exhibitors Terminal is now available also in ShowPro itself.

The USEF Database Query now checks for USHJA non members.

The free Exhibitors Terminal has been updated to support the new ShowPro features.

Features that were new in ShowPro Version 6.1...

A new license level, the Advanced Edition. The Advanced Edition has features designed for larger shows but that many shows will find useful. Although the Professional and Standard versions have been enhanced and will continue to be improved, future "high level" features will be available in the Advanced version. When networking, some advanced features will become available on Professional and Standard clients if the host is an Advanced version.

Advanced Features

Ability to create class fees such as jumper nomination, late jumper nomination, add, scratch, and RNE fees and associate them with classes. Fees can be set to automatically charge with the option of prompting the user first. Any class fees are listed on the statement with the class identified.

A late entry fee can now be configured. There is now an "Entries are closed" check box on the Show dialog. If this box is checked and a late entry fee has been configured, each new entry will be charged the fee.

Ability to export mailing labels to a .CSV (comma separated values) file.

Advanced/Professional/Standard Features

A check box has been added to the Enterable Sections. If the check box is checked, the section fee will be charged if any class in the section is entered. If the check box is not checked, the section fee will be charged only if all classes in the section are entered.

Exhibitors Terminal

The free Exhibitors Terminal has been updated to support the new ShowPro features.

Features that were new in ShowPro Version 6.0...

Advanced check printing.

Ability to override the default prize money deduction preference on an individual class basis.

1099 printing.

Ability to record FEI Passport, Nat'l Passport, Stud Book, and Measurement Card Numbers.

Ability to record the Dam, Sire, Dams Sire, and Breed.

Ability to record Coggins information and to print a Coggins report.

The ability to charge tax.

The ability to add/edit sections and change the section a class belongs to on the Show Screen.

The new United States Equestrian Federation/USEF naming.

The persons and horses screens are now available when a show is open and new features have been added to aid in the maintenance of the data. Duplicate data can be merged for example.

The ability to have an unlimited number of mailing lists.

The ability to add an organization division section on the Show Screen.

The ability to change the section that a class belongs to on the Show Screen.

Context sensitive help has been added.

People Numbers Needed Report.

Horse Numbers Needed Report.

Features that were new in ShowPro Version 5.0...

The option (for a fee) to upload your shows to

Ability to search for an entry by owner or rider name.

Unlimited miscellaneous credit and debits on the entry and trainer accounts.

Ability to add entry account balances to the Trainers Account.

Trainer Accounts now have an Express Checkout feature.

There is now a Balance Forward feature that allows you to carry any entry account debit balances from a show on to subsequent shows.

Ability to transfer a credit balance on an entry account to another entry in the same show, the entry of the same horse/owner combination in another show, or to a Trainer Account.

You can now combine a section before any classes have been added to the show for that section. For example if you have Green Working Hunter on your Prize List, you can combine First Year Green Working Hunter and Second Year Green Working Hunter before adding classes to the show. This is in fact how this should be set up if you are exporting result to USEF for electronic submission.

Buttons have been added to the Entry Screen to go to the first or last entry in the show.

A Refresh button has been added to the Entry Screen. Data is automatically posted to the database when you leave that entry. The Refresh button forces the data to be posted to the database immediately.

If you create a show from a template, you can now open that show with Select Show on the Data menu. You no longer have to exit ShowPro and return to the Start Screen to open the show.


    Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
  • 1024x768 Screen Resolution
42048 Fairview Canton, Michigan 48187 734.667.3390 Fax 734.667.3391